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Knysna Private Hospital

 Knysna Private Hospital

View from Knysna Private Hospital

View of the Knysna Lagoon from the hospital

Operating Theatre Knysna Private Hospital

Operating theatre 

Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit






Knysna Private Hospital

Knysna Private Hospital is arguably one of the most picturesque hospitals in the world. Located on the eastern side of the famous Knysna lagoon, it is elevated on a hillside and therefore features beautiful views of the lagoon from most of the wards.

It is owned by Life Healthcare Limited. Life has a large interest in private medicine in South Africa, owning a total of 60 hospitals in the country. The company has a proven track record of ethical business principles, and is a leader in private health care in South Africa.

Knysna Private Hospital offers ultra-modern theatre facilities, specifically geared towards joint replacement surgery. The dedicated orthopaedic theatre, which is designed and built around sterility, is of vital importance for this type of surgery. The theatre's design strictly follows the principle of laminar flow of air, a design which has been proven to reduce the incidence of post-operative infection. The brand new 8 by 7m theatre features a built in Digital Operating Room (DOR) which aids in the performing of all endoscopic surgery and Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS).

The hospital has 47 active beds, but is licensed to operate 100 beds if required. The hospital was opened on 25 August 1997. With the experience gained from operating so many private hospitals throughout the country, Life ensured that the hospital ran efficiently and effectively from very soon after opening.

The facility offers 8 maternity beds, 4 paediatric beds, 6 intensive care beds and 32 beds in the general ward. Private wards are available within the general ward, each with their own bathroom en-suite. All usual luxury facilities are available to patients, including built-in television sets, satellite tv, a variety of radio channels, air-conditioning and personal telephone lines. Two and 4 bed wards with the same facilities are also available.

It's intensive care unit runs 6 beds, one of which can be utilized as an isolation unit. Obviously, the unit is equipped with the most modern equipment available and is staffed only by qualified intensive care professional nurses.

The ICU staff have a vast experience in the management of orthopaedic post-operative intensive care patients.  Whilst in the intensive care unit, patients are nursed on a 'one-on-one' basis by a dedicated intensive care sister.

There are a number of resident physiotherapists who work out of the Knysna private hospital, all of whom are well trained in the post-operative management of hip and knee replacement and spinal surgery patients. 

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Knysna Heads

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